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Dear Damian

I'm very pleased that I met you at British Council.
I'll tell you a little about myself, and put me in the way of understanding english very well.

I live in sinlimdong, Seoul. and I married in 2003. But baby haven't yet.
I like films, theatre, music, concert. And I'm intersted in humanitis, creativities, insights.

I did an MA in Arts Managements at Chugye University for the Arts.
During 7 years,  I works as a planning manager for a culutre&arts institute.
Recently, I feel change of business life. I need a new energy, new challenge.
So, I start english course. I'm going to London in the summer, or autumn.

At the moment I'm working very hard until February,
because I'm going to spend a year in the London to recharge my batteries.


Best wishes


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